Launch an Educational
Space Program
in EO Space
Go on exciting missions and explore inspiring professions with Math game-based learning. Rise to curriculum-aligned challenges that will help kids experience freedom of choice and introduce them to career opportunities!
Created for kids 6-12 years old
To give every child freedom of choice regardless of their background
Our mission
Whatever your background may be, EO Space will help your child to have fun exploring themselves and the world - while achieving high educational and developmental results.
An educational space to build up real-life and math skills
  • encourage career exploration
  • discover your child's interests
  • motivate and inspire
Use our useful hints on the parent portal to
Support your child’s learning and creativity as they have fun discovering the world.
Let your child explore and find
their own way in a safe space
Use the events on our platform to regularly check progress on the common curriculum. Use our story scenarios to illustrate more abstract concepts both during the lessons and as independent learning tasks.
Use our responsive simulated world to create exciting lessons
Developing math skills, you develop your settlements
Children explore an Earth-like planet and its settlement filled with jobs, missions, rewards and boosters. The game and learning components are balanced, so children solve more problems while having fun.
Together, the children are on a mission to build their first settlement far from home and help it prosper. Every mission helps them learn more new things and work on skills such as collaboration and collective decision-making.
Soft skills matter, too!
Developing your settlements is more than just hard skills
EO Space gives kids the freedom
to try new things
more problems
in the same time period,
as well as the speed
or learning
93% of parents
and teachers see
the impact and benefits
of EO Space
4 out of 5 children
simply love EO
and choose to keep
learning with us
4 out of 5
Learning provides children with freedom of choice and future success
Our motivating safe space along with exploring math and the world inspires children and provides them with unrivaled experience!
new educational
in EO Space!